Episode 31 – Ring of Keys

AKA The Episode Where Nikki Thinks One Mississippi Takes Place In Louisiana For Some Reason?? This week, we upped our professional game (ha) with new segment titles, a weekly review of Black Lightning, and our much-anticipated review of the very popular One Mississippi!! Thanks for listening!!
Queer Beats – 0:00-14:13
Black Lightning Weekly Review – 14:15-21:40
Previously On: One Mississippi – 21:41-41:47

Episode 18 – See You Around, Danvers

Re: the title of our episode… too soon? This week, we list out a bunch of our favorite queer documentaries, so make sure to have a pen handy! Then, we focus our attention on our broken Sanvers hearts.
Documentaries: 3:45-20:00
SuperGirl: 19:50-42:25