Episode 43 – 99.5% Queer

This week, we discuss lots of queer news (Jennifer Aniston is gonna be the president? AND gay? AND married to Tig?!), why Take My Wife is actually 100% The Queerest, and why Erica may be finally losing faith in Supergirl (but never in Alex)! Keep a lookout on our Twitter and website for more information about our merch campaign and our next Person of Interest Group Watch!
Take My Wife: 16:20-32:50
SuperGirl: 33:06-41:44

Episode 19 – Oh, Straight People

Welcome back to Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast! This week, we admittedly start things off with a good ol’ ClexaCon announcement freak out, but then we review the 2016 film Lovesong (now streaming on Netflix) and conclude with our weekly review of SuperGirl.
Lovesong: 12:45-26:00
SuperGirl: 26:01-39:05

Episode 15 – Billie Jean Gay

Ring the alarm, we have GREAT movies to discuss this week! We talk about Battle of the Sexes and Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, but only after we start our season-long coverage of SuperGirl!
Supergirl: 13:40-26:45
Battle of the Sexes: 26:58-35:00
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: 35:01-43:45