Episode 28 – Instagram Hoe

Welcome back to a super packed show of HTL Podcast! This week, we cover Supercorp in SuperGirl, new love in Black Lightning, and the Doc in Doccubus.
Supergirl: 5:48-17:30
Black Lightning: 17:31-27:55
Lost Girl Season 1: 27:56-43:35

Episode 27 – When Bae Texts

WE ARE OKAY! We apologize for this delayed episode and thank you for your patience! Better late than never, right? This week, we cover queer movies currently on the festival circuit, women’s soccer, and our weekly reviews of Supergirl and Black Lightning. You don’t wanna miss it!
Supergirl: 15:15-30:29
Black Lightning: 30:30-43:30

Episode 21 – You Keep Me Interested

We are back with an episode packed with murder, lies, and catfights! This week, we briefly discuss the upcoming Lizzie Borden movie feat. KStew, the new Deadly Manners podcast (spoiler free!), and our new favorite website, LezWatchTv! Then, we launch into our full review of The Four Faced Liar and this week’s SuperGirl.
Four Faced Liar: 13:25-30:47
SuperGirl: 30:48-43:00