Episode 15 – Billie Jean Gay

Ring the alarm, we have GREAT movies to discuss this week! We talk about Battle of the Sexes and Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, but only after we start our season-long coverage of SuperGirl!
Supergirl: 13:40-26:45
Battle of the Sexes: 26:58-35:00
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: 35:01-43:45

Episode 12 – We Are Creampuffs

HOT GOSSIP! We start this episode by enjoying a little wlw gossip session, then we head straight into our feels about Carmilla. Erica finishes the episode off by trying to convince Nikki of the merits of Loving Annabelle.

Carmilla: 13:15-33:00
Loving Annabelle: 33:01-41:15