Episode 33 – Doccubus Cuddles

We’re back from our two week break! Tune in to this episode to hear us discuss two episodes worth of Black Lightning and, finally, season two of Lost Girl!!
Queer Beats: 3:55-12:55
Black Lightning Weekly Review: 12:56-25:56
Previously On Lost Girl: 25:57-38:10

Episode 32 – We Were Merely Freshmen

Welcome, freshmen! This week, we continue with our weekly covers of Black Lightning (aka Thunder is getting us through this week) and we finally review Netflix’s Everything Sucks (aka we were reminded of our own high school experiences). Thanks for tuning in!
Black Lightning: 17:42-29:05
Everything Sucks!: 29:06-46:15

Episode 31 – Ring of Keys

AKA The Episode Where Nikki Thinks One Mississippi Takes Place In Louisiana For Some Reason?? This week, we upped our professional game (ha) with new segment titles, a weekly review of Black Lightning, and our much-anticipated review of the very popular One Mississippi!! Thanks for listening!!
Queer Beats – 0:00-14:13
Black Lightning Weekly Review – 14:15-21:40
Previously On: One Mississippi – 21:41-41:47

Episode 29 – You Set My Heart On Fire

Slam poets, SuperGirl, you’re the cutest in the world! We pack this week’s episode with our thoughts on the latest SuperGirl episode (feeling really called out by Purity), Black Lightning (queer POC love!), and tons of feelings about season two of One Day At A Time (15 minutes of us screaming).
SuperGirl: 10:20-23:59
Black Lightning: 24:00-30:59
One Day At A Time: 31:00-43:38