Episode 4 – Krystal Gets Wet and Other Stories

This week, we talk about jokes that make Erica uncomfortable, Wayhaught cuddles, and Nikki’s unhealthy attachment to new wlw characters. We also discuss some major news in the wlw entertainment world and recap a recent queer concert that the gals attended.
Orphan Black — 1:30-7:45
Wynonna Earp — 7:45-10:45
The Bold Type — 10:45-16:50

Episode 3 – Where is the Delphine/Nicole Fan Art?

Oh, the joys of wlw drama! This week, we recap the cophine-centered Orphan Black episode and the goo-filled episode of Wynonna Earp. We discuss Cosima’s yelling, Delphine’s puppy dog face, a possible Delphine/Nicole crossover, the return of Gooverly, and (SPOILER ALERT)…. Wynonna’s abs.
Orphan Black — 1:28-18:57
Wynonna Earp — 18:58-28:30