Episode 36 – Clexacon Eve

Twas the night before Clexacon…. and Nikki and Erica spent the night talking all things Lost Girl and Black Lightning! Tune in to hear our thoughts on this week’s episode of BL and our thoughts on the final season of Lost Girl. Make sure to follow our twitter and snapchat for all our Clexacon fan content!

Queer Beats: 3:20-8:45
Black Lightning: 8:46-17:37
Lost Girl: 17:38-37:34

Episode 35 – Lightning and the Thunder

Our race to the Clexacon finish line continues! This week, we discuss queer concerts, the ultimate superhero fam (from Black Lightning), and the one word we never want to hear again – THE WANDERER (Lost Girl).
Queer Beats: 3:57-12:10
Black Lightning: 12:11-22:53
Lost Girl: 22:54-44:22

Episode 32 – We Were Merely Freshmen

Welcome, freshmen! This week, we continue with our weekly covers of Black Lightning (aka Thunder is getting us through this week) and we finally review Netflix’s Everything Sucks (aka we were reminded of our own high school experiences). Thanks for tuning in!
Black Lightning: 17:42-29:05
Everything Sucks!: 29:06-46:15