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We are currently running a merch campaign to raise money for the Victory Institute!

The Victory Institute is the only national organization dedicated to elevating openly LGBTQ leaders who can further equality at all levels of government. Through their  training and professional development programs, each year Victory Institute assists hundreds of individuals who go on to influential careers in politics, government, business and advocacy.  Many of their trainees join the more than 1,000 openly LGBTQ elected and appointed officials now serving around the world.

As a podcast dedicated to the importance of queer representation in media, we understand how crucial it is to have diverse voices at all tables, especially in the midst of this particularly polarizing political climate. 100% of the profits will be donated to this uniquely important organization.

Where did “Let the Gays Run” come from?
On one episode of the podcast, when discussing the importance of queer people running for government positions, one of our co-hosts shouted “Just LET THE GAYS RUN!” and thus…the shirt was born.

This campaign officially ends May 30th, so click here to order your Let The Gays Run merch today!!