Season 2 Episode 4 – I Really Liked You

On this week’s episode of HTL Podcast, we’re continuing our coverage of Season 2 of The Bold Type! This week we see Kat get into a steamy situation with another girl and we have LOTS of feelings about it. We’re also covering the entire Season 1 of Killing Eve and honestly can’t stop freaking out about it on multiple levels.
The Bold Type: 11:48-25:59
Killing Eve: 26:00-44:54

Season 2 Episode 2 – Baby’s First Lesbian Bar

It’s officially week 2 of season 2! Welcome back to HTL aka two queers screaming about other queers! This week, Nikki fangirls over Adena from The Bold Type and tries really hard not to yell at Erica who is still on the fence. Also, we are yelling EXTRA loud for Vida! We were so excited to get out all our feels about this amazing new show!
The Bold Type: 6:30-25:33
Vida: 25:34-45:40

Season 2 Episode 1 – Turning Time and Going Down

WELCOME TO HTL SEASON 2!!!! We are pumped to be back in your ears this week and we are coming in hot with our review of the SuperGirl finale and The Bold Type premiere (plus 2 more episodes)! Thank you for all your support through season 1 and we can’t wait to bring you more queer content throughout season 2!
Queer Beats: 3:45-11:37
SuperGirl: 11:38-30:12
The Bold Type: 30:13-44:05

Bonus Episode – Person of Interest

SURPRISE! Since y’all are the best and most patient listeners out there, we decided to squeeze in a little bonus episode for you to enjoy while you wait for Season 2! Please enjoy listening to our final PoI freak-out, complete with a list of our favorite moments and our reactions to The Bad Thing. See you next week!
Person of Interest: THE WHOLE DAMN THING