Bonus Episode – Person of Interest

SURPRISE! Since y’all are the best and most patient listeners out there, we decided to squeeze in a little bonus episode for you to enjoy while you wait for Season 2! Please enjoy listening to our final PoI freak-out, complete with a list of our favorite moments and our reactions to The Bad Thing. See you next week!
Person of Interest: THE WHOLE DAMN THING

Episode 43 – 99.5% Queer

This week, we discuss lots of queer news (Jennifer Aniston is gonna be the president? AND gay? AND married to Tig?!), why Take My Wife is actually 100% The Queerest, and why Erica may be finally losing faith in Supergirl (but never in Alex)! Keep a lookout on our Twitter and website for more information about our merch campaign and our next Person of Interest Group Watch!
Take My Wife: 16:20-32:50
SuperGirl: 33:06-41:44