Episode 29 – You Set My Heart On Fire

Slam poets, SuperGirl, you’re the cutest in the world! We pack this week’s episode with our thoughts on the latest SuperGirl episode (feeling really called out by Purity), Black Lightning (queer POC love!), and tons of feelings about season two of One Day At A Time (15 minutes of us screaming).
SuperGirl: 10:20-23:59
Black Lightning: 24:00-30:59
One Day At A Time: 31:00-43:38

Episode 13 – Lesbiana Cubana

Happy Wednesday! This week, Nikki and Erica cover a little bit of gay news before jumping into a discussion about our beloved One Day at A Time. They end with a review of the film “All About E.”
One Day At A Time: 10:30-29:13
All About E: 29:15-39:30