Episode 17 – We’re Here for Gender Queer

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Harold They’re Lesbians! We cover a lot of ground this week with a review of the latest season of Transparent, a fangirl session over the new Carmilla movie, and a recap of the latest episode of SuperGirl. Thanks for listening!
Transparent: 7:35-14:57
Carmilla: 14:58-27:20
SuperGirl: 27:21-40:50

Episode 12 – We Are Creampuffs

HOT GOSSIP! We start this episode by enjoying a little wlw gossip session, then we head straight into our feels about Carmilla. Erica finishes the episode off by trying to convince Nikki of the merits of Loving Annabelle.

Carmilla: 13:15-33:00
Loving Annabelle: 33:01-41:15