Episode 41 – The Oyster Girl Next Door

Hello friends! This week on HTL, we scream about the Met Gayla and other Gays at Events. We also cover this week’s episode of SuperGirl (aka Erica curses herterosexism) and, in our Callbacks segment, we review Tipping the Velvet (aka Erica curses attractive older women). Thanks for listening!
SuperGirl: 8:30-28:10
Tipping the Velvet: 29:53-43:08

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Episode 23 – A Gay&Ecstatic Holiday Episode!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! For our last episode before the holiday break, we have chosen two of our winter-themed favorites: Carol and Imagine Me and You! Tune in to this ep to hear why we love these two films so much.
Imagine Me and You: 3:40-21:29
Carol: 21:30-37:00

Episode 21 – You Keep Me Interested

We are back with an episode packed with murder, lies, and catfights! This week, we briefly discuss the upcoming Lizzie Borden movie feat. KStew, the new Deadly Manners podcast (spoiler free!), and our new favorite website, LezWatchTv! Then, we launch into our full review of The Four Faced Liar and this week’s SuperGirl.
Four Faced Liar: 13:25-30:47
SuperGirl: 30:48-43:00