Season 2 Episode 12 – Guac-a-cuse Me

Hello and welcome to the other side of our Legends of Tomorrow season 2 binge! Before stepping into the Waverider, we review the latest episode of Wynonna Earp, which featured the adventures our faves WynHaught. Thanks for tuning in!
Wynonna Earp: 10:07-25:58
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: 25:59-43:33

One thought on “Season 2 Episode 12 – Guac-a-cuse Me

  1. Dreaner95 says:

    Maybe you find this interesting: To a lot of people Season 1 (with Kendra and Carter) is concidered the weakest parts of Legends. Mostly because Savage as a villian was pretty weak, the show took itself to serious and the love triangle with Kendra, Carter and Ray was a low point. So I would argue that even if you enjoyed Kendra on her own, her role in the show was not the greatest and getting rid of her in Season 2 meant not dealing with this bagage. So instead they could focus their attention to the core team and the new characters.
    And Season 2 was much better for a lot of people also because of the villans. Malcom (Arrow), Eobard (Flash) and Darkh (Arrow) are the biggest villians in the Arrowverse. With both Malcom and Darkh being directly connected with Sara (one caused her being stranded on an island and the other killed her sister). So I can get that those things didn’t really matter to you because you never watched Arrow or Flash that much.

    Oh, and a side note: Sara never really had a coming out. After returnung it is just revealed that she was in a relationship with Nyssa (you saw her in a flashback in season 1) but they broke up. Didn’t change them from being close but that was all that was shown of her attraction to women. She resumed her relationship with Oliver until she was killed. And then she came back…yeah, it is confusing.


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