Season 2 Episode 1 – Turning Time and Going Down

WELCOME TO HTL SEASON 2!!!! We are pumped to be back in your ears this week and we are coming in hot with our review of the SuperGirl finale and The Bold Type premiere (plus 2 more episodes)! Thank you for all your support through season 1 and we can’t wait to bring you more queer content throughout season 2!
Queer Beats: 3:45-11:37
SuperGirl: 11:38-30:12
The Bold Type: 30:13-44:05

2 thoughts on “Season 2 Episode 1 – Turning Time and Going Down

  1. Dreaner95 says:

    I just wanted to comment on your worries for Batwoman for the crossover. I feel like you are just thinking about Supergirl and their writers which is perfectly fine. But you seem to forget that we also have Legends of Tomorrow with Sara as one of the best Queer characters I have ever seen on TV. And her storyline with Ava in Season 3 also was very well handled. Remember, last crossover was very Queer with Alex & Sara and Leo & Ray. So being worried about Queer represenation in Supergirl is fine but in context of the crossover I feel like those worries are not that founded when you know about everything that went down last crossover.


  2. htlpodcast says:

    That’s a great point! We definitely weren’t thinking of who might ACTUALLY be writing the crossover episode and we loved the Alex & Sara bit from the last crossover…. So there’s hope! We will always be skeptical of how our beloved queer women are treated on television but we will try to be positive!


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